Light Control Sheer

Silhouette® Window Shading gives you power to design with light.

The signature S-vane suspended between two sheer make Silhouette® Window Shading an elegant shade to control light. Specially engineered sheer combined with the S-vane transform hash light into soft light to reduce glare and disperse sunlight deep into your room reducing the need for electric light. The unique Silhouette® Window Shading with no cord in the shade provides a great unobstructed view thru on your window and at the same time allows the vanes to be tilted to provide privacy in the room when needed. The white exterior sheer reflect the heat from the sun and reduced heat from outside into the room.

With the fire retardant coating Silhouette® Window Shading is suitable for use in hospitality building application, conference room, meeting room, offices and a wide range of other space.

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